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Larry, Zac and Grant Build a Boat
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Scarphing Sled (2/27/08)
Grant decided to make a "sled" simpler than the shown one at Glen-L. The scrap plywood panel will ride on one rail (being glued in place here) in the table saw's miter slot. One "2 by" tapered 8 to 1 will be fixed to the top of panel. The stock to be tapered will be clamped to the tapered "2 by" for cutting scarphs. (The 1 x 4 pictured is only to help keep things flat and straight. It's not part of the sled.)

Luan Plywood (2/28/08)
Purchased two 5.2mm, 4' x 8' sheets of luan plywood at Lowes. (at $10.88 per sheet) I had them cut two 10" wide pieces off each 8' edge. (Think about this: If you make the cuts off the bottom of the sheet, all the 10" pieces will be the same width. That's what I had them do.) I weighed the luan on the bathroom scale when I got home. The wood from two sheets weighed about 33 pounds. That's what some builders have reported as the weight of their completed boats.

Luan Plywood is very cheap,
but for reasons given here you might want to consider a good marine plywood.

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