This great photo was provided by Mike McLane, who says, "I am trying to identify all persons in this picture of the 5th grade class at Roosevelt School ('46-'47). Miss Marjorie Davis was the teacher. The below list contains the best "guesses" of three persons. Where just one name is listed, we are petty sure it is correct. Where there is disagreement, several candidates are listed. If you think there are any errors, or you can "vote" on one of two candidates in the list, or can fill in a blank -- please send your input to Mike McLane ( Please put 'ROOSEVELT' in the subject line of your email."

        1. Herb Wilkens
        2. Howie Sauerman
        3. Ron Reinecke
        4. Nick Van Hoose
        5. Lynn Scherer
        6. Lois Hartmann
        7. John Tiedemann
        8. Don Jugle
        9. Calvin Ragnow
        10. Don Soderholm
        11. Norm Sather
        12. Mike McLane
        13. Ron Jorns
        14. Margaret Dimmitt
        15. Marilyn Roth
        16. Nancy Ault
        17. Rose Tyminski - or Phyllis Moog
        18. Pat Hartwig
        19. Nancy Voris
        20. Donna Deily
        21. Gail Schmidt
        22. Lorraine Geiger
        23. Nancy Morgan
        24. Dawn Leber
        25. Bonnie Kain
        26. Carol Curtis
        27. Pat Royster - or Sherry Ledr
        28. Ron Broker
        29. unknown
        30. Rodean Donovan
        31. unknown
        32. Don Farmer - or Chuck Strong (I think Don Farmer . . . Mike) (John Lund says "From where Chuck Strong lived just north of the Chicago Great Western railroad and west of Spring Road I think he would have attended Lincoln grade school.") Chuck Strong says, "Tis not I, must be Farmer, I'm not even sure where this school is. Many of us went to Lincoln school, south side of the tracks.")