Grant MacLaren's Burgee
Wisconsin '08 Recap
(for friends)

You probably know what this is.
After pre-fabbing it in Byrnes Mill,
I intended to get the door hung on this
trip, but other fun got in my way.

Jerry, Doug and I took Iligene's.
pier out for the winter, so I
managed to take a few cruises
in the little green boat beforehand.

We took Doug's Chris-Craft
to Lake Geneva and used it to
get to Walter's boat house for
a tour of the Hathor. I made
some photos, but "you had to
have been there . . . '

BTW, Doug purchased his boat in New Engtland.
It once belonged to poet Robert Frost.
It had no bow flag, so we flew my burgee
during the show.

The builder of the little outboard
two-place says he did the varnishing
with a roller -- while in the nude.
(Google: rascal runabout)

Another neat boat in the ACBS show's
parking lot was an old two-banger launch
with a retractable propeller.

This cute little boat is heavily used by
its owner. The photos on the seat
show him and a few others on a recent
week-long trip up in the "border waters."
I had seen an engine like this one (a friend
has one), but had never seen the prop.

Ooops, almost forgot to show you
the size of the valves in the Lathrop
(that is to power the Hathor.)

In Larry's driveway.
(Hard to refuse -- no takers.)

The ACBS show on Saturday.

Above -- Top to bottom:

* If I owned a woodie, it would be a "utility."

* One of Jerry's two Gar Woods.

* Larry's Alouette -- Again, this year I
went with Larry for the ride to
the show and back.
Am I lucky, or what?

When we left the show basin, Sea Lark
was there to great us. Most of us at
Friday's dinner got a ride on her.

Anyone who seriously messes around with woodies
knows Don Danenberg, author of
"How to Restore Your Wooden Runabout."
Don brought a recent project to the show,
this beautiful yacht tender.
It was parked in Larry's driveway
Friday night, then launched on Saturday.



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