I backed the boat onto the ramp on this unusually warm November day, but because of the Mississippi's high water level and Hideaway Harbor ramp's shallow slope, the trailer didn't submerge enough to let me climb in and get the boat launched.

"Vinnie" was standing on the bridge to the floating dock watching, and I'm sure, wondering, "How the heck is he going to do that by himself?"

I called to him, saying "This is going to be interesting."

He said, "That's what I was thinking. Need some help?"

"Sure would, would you drive my car?"

"Vinnie," in shorts and rubber boats, came over, got behind the wheel while I climbed in the boat.

He backed me WAY in -- the rear tires on the Jeep were under water up to the wheels before the Four Winns would float. I lowered the outboard unit, started the engine and moved the boat to the pier (in the photo.) Vinnie parked the Liberty and brought me the keys. We chatted a bit about his next good deed -- helping his two buddies get a 26 ft. sloop out for the season.

The sailboat was coming in the harbor under outboard power. All seemed under control with them group of three, so I headed up river. Cruising along, I got to thinking, "How am I going to get this boat back on the trailer?

Next time I see you, I'll tell you.