Souper Fire Wall fuel drain Grant MacLaren

5/7/11 -- In the photo above (made about 10 years ago) you can see the fuel distribution block made of brass for me by Howard Henderson. In my "dreaming and design" stage, I wanted a fuel block on Souper's firewall that would distribute gasoline via RED fuel lines to twin carbs atop an antique intake manifold. (That would look "old school," and red goes faster, doesn't it?)

The red lines, (purchased from Speedway, and they still sell the stuff) lasted about six months, then became brittle (and dangerous!) so I intstalled plain old black ones from the local auto parts store. The black has been working fine for ten years, but I wish I could find some good red stuff.)

Another brilliant idea was to install an aircraft-quality drian in the lowest part of the fuel tank system. I thought this would be a great way to be sure no water was trapped in the tank. I ordered a Saf-Air Drain Valve (from Wicks, or maybe Aircraft Spruce) and installed it in the bottom of the brass fuel block.

Souper Fire Wall drain valve Grant MacLaren

In May of 2011, the drain valve started to leak! Another dangerous situation -- this one caused by a component rated for use in aircraft:

Souper Fire Wall Grant MacLaren
Yesterday, I removed the valve from the fuel block and found its seal -- a small "O" ring -- had failed (i.e., pretty much disintegrated). I wonder if the failure was due to alcohol. It's not present in AvGas.

Souper Fire Wall drain valve Grant MacLaren

I'll probably order a replacement valve, but my temporary fix (click on photo below) was to fill the valve with a steel rod held in place with JB Weld, and re-install it in the fuel block. (I found this reference on the Internet, which claims such two-part epoxy has "excellent" resistence to gasoline. We'll see.)

Souper  Drain Valve Grant MacLaren


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