Four Banger by Ralph Wasser

Ralph Waser, who builds the multiple wooden models for his grandchildren every Christmas, built this four banger that runs. He had it at lunch today (12/29/09), and I had my iPhone, so . . .

(I don't think he built one for each of his grandkids.)

PS -- For more, see

PPS -- Properly used, the iPhone takes pretty decent closeups, methinks.

Since you asked:
I'm going to guess the "block" portion is about 7 inches long. (I should have included a 25 cent piece, but forgot. Maybe I'll bring it home and shoot it again.)

It has a model airplane carb on the back. The intake is like a model "A's" in that it is "Siamese." (on the near side.) Fuel/oil mixture is sucked into the back of the crankcase (see below), then up via the two manifold tubes to combustion chamber. Four-tube exhaust manifold on far side. It runs good -- better than the 5 cyl. radial Ralph also built.


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