Newport Harbor, 1950

February 26, 2005


In 1950 or 51 my parents rented a house on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The long red arrow shows the location of the house:

Summer House

That summer I met a family who owned a 41 ft. Sedan Cruiser that looked a lot like this 34 ft. Chris Craft:

Chris Craft

One member of the family was an attractive girl a few years older than me. (I was 14.) They invited me to go to Catalina Island with them, so of course I went -- a number of times. There were no auto-pilots in those days (or at least not on their boat) so I got to steer quite a bit. On more than one day, the husband had been drinking, so I got to bring the twin engine boat all the way home -- into its slip (marked by the short red arrow.)


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