I've told you about my friend Max Wawrzyniak who builds a few plywood boats every year. He is the one who headed the group who purchased some marine ply last summer. (I have 3 sheets.)
    He also has many old outboard motors.
    And, he bikes to work, summer and winter.
    He also tows a couple of his boats behind his bike to paddle in the Meramec River about 6 miles from his house. I've posted some of his snap shots, although I can't find one of his best tow rig.   
These will have to do:

01.jpg     02.jpg     03.jpg

04.jpg     05.jpg     06.jpg

07.jpg     08.jpg     09.jpg

Max took this shot of our little electric boat at the 2008 Messabout, Rend Lake, IL:



Here's a picture of Max:

Just learned that he has written a book:
It's available from Duckworks and/or Amazon.com


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