This is the text from an article that appeared in "The Elmhurst Press" early in 1954.

'Sea Fever' Strikes 7
Youths - Purchase Big
Craft on Lake Geneva

I must go down to the seas; again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And I ask is a fall ship and a star to steer her by.
John Masefield, "Sea Fever"

A group of Elmhurst youths might not have been thinking along Masefield's lines when he penned the immortal poem, "Sea Fever," but they were motivated by the same reasons.

Whether it's the sea, an ocean or a lake, sailing along in a large ship or a small yacht, water cruising has always.held a fascination for mankind.

With Larry Larkin, 280,. Prospect St., at the helm, seven Elmhurst youths recently purchased an 82-ft. yacht from A. F. Bates, Elmhurst lawyer.

Located on Lake Geneva,. Wis., the craft has been completely overhauled by the ambitious youthful crew. Christened "Doreen," the ship is the second largest operating on the famous Wisconsin lake.

Larry started the necessary wheels turning when he learned that Bates' ship was for sale. He enlisted the aid of several York high school churns to finance the project.

Repairs Costly
Grant MacLaren, 18, of 381 Poplar av.; John Lund, 18, of, 174 E. Cayuga av.; Don Jugle, 18, of 361 Grantley av.; Bill Dailey, 18, of 387 Mitchell av., Stewart Anderson, 18, of 363 Utley rd., and John Jenkins, 18, of 203 Fairfield av., joined with the 16-year-old Larkin to make the initial purchase.

THE "DOREEN" GLIDES GRACEFULLY through the waters of Lake Geneva. This 82 foot yacht was purchased by a group of Elmhurst youths, and is the second largest ship operating on the Wisconsin lake. The young men issued shares of stock to other youths in order to obtain enough working capital to purchase a motor and other items for the yacht. The group is headed by Larry 'Larkin, 16ryear-old York high school youth who lives at 280 Prospect st in Elmhurst.

The youths soon discovered that repairs can be costly and ready cash was at a premium. So, to get the ship afloat and purchase a motor, the boys decided to try a unique financing plan. For $10 anyone who was interested could purchase one share in the enterprise. For this cash outlay share holders may have the run of the ship and participate in her summertime activities.

60 Person Capacity
The plan proved successful and the youths were able to raise enough money to give the "Doreen" a new summer dress and install a powerful 240 H.P. engine, capable of plowing through the Lake Geneva waters at a 15 clip.

Parents' approval? Given grudgingly they reported, but as things worked out, the craft has kept young men busy and seemingly contented on the weekends.

All of the youths either attend school or work during the week, but when Saturday looms into view, they're off for a week end on the lake.

The large lake craft has a capacity of 50 to 60 persons, according to young Larkin. "As long as the mice stay with ship," said Larkin, "we know everything is all right."