Delta Queen Trip to Grant MacLaren's York High School 50th Reunion (1954-2004)

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01_delta queen 01_leaving STL 02a_moored_grafton 02b_grafton ferry 02b_houseboat on bar
01_delta queen.jpg 01_leaving STL.jpg 02a_moored_grafton.jpg 02b_grafton ferry.jpg 02b_houseboat on bar.jpg
02c_leaving grafton 02d_leaving grafton 04_state room 05_companionway 05_pilot house
02c_leaving grafton.jpg 02d_leaving grafton.jpg 04_state room.jpg 05_companionway.jpg 05_pilot house.jpg
06_spot light 07_spot light 08_calliope 09_calliope 11_moored_havana
06_spot light.jpg 07_spot light.jpg 08_calliope.jpg 09_calliope.jpg 11_moored_havana.jpg
11a_with the captain 11b_our table 12_landing_ottawa 97d_engine room 98a_engine room
11a_with the captain.jpg 11b_our table.jpg 12_landing_ottawa.jpg 97d_engine room.jpg 98a_engine room.jpg
98c_engine room 98e_engine room 99a 99b 99b_rail
98c_engine room.jpg 98e_engine room.jpg 99a.jpg 99b.jpg 99b_rail.jpg


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