Dave and Jan Conrad's Garage Tour
July 17, 2010
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Here's a panorama of the visiting cars.

Here's an aerial view of the site visited.

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Below are a few of the comments emailed to me, or posted on a website where there was mention made of this garage tour. The comments were made within the first 24 hours following the posting. As I added these comments, the counter showed 145 visitors with about 900 page views.
Richard said:
This makes me green with envy... I just want to go out to my garage and torch it. Absolutely great. Thank you for the pictures.
Denise said:
Wow! I loved all the cars! Was this a special carshow? I would love to see these up close!
Robie said:
Thanks, Grant....
John said:
What a wonderful collection of A's.
(Another) John said:
Great pictures, Grant. Thanks.
John (in SATX) said:
Thank you so much for posting. What a wonderful collection of beautiful machinery.
Gene said:
Great photos! Thanks for sharing and posting so quickly. The "google earth" view is unique.
Chuck said:
Thanx, great tour.
Jeff said:
Dean Bittick from the Model A club . . . emailed me pictures from the club tour . . . . You have some very nice cars. I belong to the Early Ford V-8 Ford Club. I have 34 Roadster convertible and a 36 4 door Sedan. . . .
Doug said:
Grant, I am soooo...... glad that are people like you and your friend who are keeping this era alive. GOOD JOB !!!!!!!
Phyllis said:
Very nice.

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Another pretty good website by
Grant MacLaren

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