On the Mississippi
Oct 25, 2010

(all phots sent from my iPhone)

Right after launch. (No flags installed.)
Only one other boat in "our" harbour.

Very muddy today.

60% chance . . .

I followed the Grafton Ferry from Grafton,
IL to the MO side of the river.

The big guys have right-of-way.

Larry, When I removed the plug, NO water came out. Not a drop! Maybe that small leak at Carlyle last week was due to a loose plug. (i.e., not sufficiently tightened by yours truly at last week's launch.)

The river was very muddy today. Never seen it so thick. Lots of small debris. Very little large stuff, but did "kick up" the speedo sensor. Engine started on first "pop." Ran perfect at idle and at fast cruise, but seems to stumble as it moves through 2000 RPM.

I set my sleep number to 7.

Now my bed is full of bugs and provides no support.

(ignore this count)