Two Barcelona chairs for sale on ebay
Posted 2/13/10

The two Barcelnoa Chairs we are offering on ebay are reproductions of the classic Barcelona designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This is a photo of an original chair:

"Originals" today sell for over $4,000 each, as in this catalog entry:

Our reproduction chairs are in good condition, with some very minor wear showing on the (replaceable) vinyl upholstery. Here they are in our living room:

388 Visitors to Auction
29 bids on chairs (after one retraction)
21 Auction "Watchers"

Buyer must pick up the chairs near St. Louis, Missouri OR seller might deliver near St. Louis. You are bidding on TWO CHAIRS as one ebay item. Seller will answer questions and may provide large photos as time permits before close of auction.

The Barcelona Chair is so named because it was exclusively designed for the king and queen of Spain at the Barcelona World Fair of 1929 as part of the German Pavilion. The design resulted from collaboration between the famous Bauhaus architect Mies van der Rohe and his long time partner and companion, the architect and designer, Lilly Reich. For Reich, only recently have her contributions been acknowledged. The Pavilion or Barcelona Chair is an icon of the "modern classical" style. It's design was inspired by its predecessors, the campaign and folding chairs of the Pharaohs and the Romans.


Click on thumbnails below for photos of the chairs we are offering on ebay.

Barcelona Chair Barcelona Chair Barcelona Chair
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Barcelona Chair Barcelona Chair Barcelona Chair
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