A Few Snapshots
2011 Annual Meeting of
The Antique and Classic Boat Society

by Grant MacLaren
A highlight event of the meet was a tour of the Chicago River. In March of 2013, I heard a story on NPR about the Wells Street Bridge replacement. Looking for an aerial view of the bridge, I was reminded of the 2011 cruise, and posted images here:
View 1 (our cruise: red, blue green dots -- large blue = Wells St. Bridge)
View 2 (entry locks from lake to river)
View 3 (blue dot = Marina Towers)
P1040881 P1040882 P1040883 P1040884 P1040885
P1040886 P1040896 P1040897 P1040898 P1040899
P1040901 P1040902 P1040903 P1040913
P1040916 P1040917 P1040918 P1040923 P1040924

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