Grant tows sister Dimpy
Grant MacLaren, circa 1939, tows his sister Sandra on a sidewalk in Lansdowne, Pa.

Grant MacLaren's 8mm Movies

8mm Movies
Some time around my third birthday, my parents acquired a "movie camera." It was a "CINE-KODAK EIGHT -- MODEL 20." Here are a few photos of the camera -- not "our" camera, but one offered fo sale on ebay in 2017:
You may know that the film used in this camera was actually 16mm wide with perforations on both edges of the film. It was 25 ft long and run through the camera, first in one direction, and than the opposite direction. Exposed film was mailed off to Kodak for processing, which entailed "developing" the images, slitting the film lengthwise and fastening the ends together. This resulted in 50 ft. of processed film to be projected adn enjoyed.

35mm Slides
This year (2017) we decided to have many of our 35mm slides digitized. You can read more about that project here. As we were looking through the many boxes of slides, we ran across some reels of 8mm movie film. Although satisfied with the work done by Scan Cafe, I did a web search for a company that could digitize movies and found digmypics and sent them one 50 ft. roll of film as a trial run.

8mm "Movies"
I was amazed at the excellent results and promptly sent digmypics another 500 ft. After digitizing, the original film was returned to me -- cleaned and "connected" together and loaded on new reels.) The digital files, in .MOV format, were loaded on a thumb drive and sent also. The files were also available on digmypics' website.

Here's one of the 50 ft. movies, edited a bit in "iMovie," with some "youtube music" added.
A better version (more refined edits and transitions, and better music) of this movie exists on my iMac, but youtube won't permit me to show it -- because of copyright violations. However, it can be seen on my facebook timeline, but only by "friends." Maybe I can figure out how to embed it on a page on my own server.

To see more of our "home movies," check out my youtube channel. (There is one movie, made in 1949 showing our cross-country trip on the the Burlington Zephyr -- when we moved from Philadelphia suburbs to Arcadia, California.)

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