Grant MacLaren's
1981 18' Century Resorter



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  • Windshield clips -- The gasket material on my '81 Resorter windshield is rotten; UV has been tough on it. I intend to replace it, but have discovered what I think may be another problem. Seems my boat has only 2 clips on the front panel, while others I've seen ('81 and '73) have 4. No evidence of there ever having been more on mine. Now I wonder if I should add a few -- without having to patch where existing clips are located. Do you think Century was just running low on clips when mine went down the line?

    (My boat on top.)

    (A friend's 1973 Resorter.)

    (A 1967 Resorter.)

    (Two boats at Manistee, 2012.
    Mine with 2 clips.)

    10/22/12 -- I've acquired three used clips and new gasket material from A and A Marine. I'll end up with 5 clips.


    Anyone here know this (green) boat above? Photo was taken at 2010 Conneaut Lake Classic Boat Show, June 26-27, 2010. I'd like to know more about the five clips on the windshield's bottom end. I'll end up with the same number on mine after adding three. I'm wondering if that's the way its windshield was mounted from the factory.

    Frank Miklos I believe this is Allegheny Chapter Member Dan Kinnard's 1969 or 1970 Cheetah 16'.

    Grant MacLaren asks Frank Miklos: Any comment on the windshield? Is it "stock" for the Cheetah? And, the clips?

    Frank Miklos replies: -- everything looks stock...

    Grant MacLaren posts: Interesting. Thanks. I did notice its 16' length -- almost no space between aft seat and aft side of motor box. Like my friend's '73 Resorter 16.

    Frank Miklos posts: Same basic boat as the 16' Resorter in the early 1970s. Decks may be different.


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