Grant MacLaren's
1981 18' Century Resorter


A click on the photo will yield a larger image.

  • Stern flag pole of wood with old "360" white light ( I have legal pole and light, but it's UG-LY,) -- Frank Miklos says: "The pole Century used for years 1950s - mid 1960s. Resorters Vikings etc. This (next photo) is the longer of the two. It is 30 inches top to bottom. The globe here is not correct, and pole is missing the chrome tube at the bottom.
    "They were made of two pieces of mahogany glued together. The wire hole was cut on a table saw before gluing and turning on the lathe."
  • Owner's Manual for 1981 Century Resorter
  • Wiring Schematic for same (I'm thinkin I'll have to draw this myself -- as I rewire the boat.)
  • Original Fuel Filler fitting (Given up on this; purchase a new Perko model.)
  • Ski Tow Ring for Mounting Atop Front Seat Back (Never mind, I found a very nice one. Nicer than original.)
  • New Boat Cover (No rush, original repaired, but a new one would best be one for towing.)
  • Photos of 1981 Century Resorter
  • Vintage Deck Mount Bow Light Chrome Plated w/Red & Green Lenses (New Perko has been purchased and will be used. )
  • Book: Witting, William G., "The Story of the Century" 1984, 176 pages. Never mind -- found a copy at "Abe Books" for $45.


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