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1981 18' Century Resorter
One size bolt -- Too Long

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As I explored the Resorter (winter, 2011-12), it seemed to me the builder (Century Boats) had one size bolt in stock, - - - TOO LONG!

Here are a few examples:

These two bolts seem to be serving only one purpose; holding a shim in place. Wouldn't wood screws work just as well? And, if the shim was a few inches longer, wouldn't its function be greatly improved?

Come to think of it, the shim could be lengthened to also help postion the engine box. (I'm seeing many more reasons to rebuild the front seat's back.)

The bolts protruding from the bottom of the swim platform, especially those aft of the platform bracket, could injure a swimmer. I checked, and they are stainless, so could be trimmed flush with the nuts. (I may rebuild and refasten this platform; the teak looks very tired.)

The bolts protruding from the side panel backs are all much longer than needed. Not only that, their positions do not align with with the elongated holes provided in the deck. The elongated holes were obviously made to facilitate alignment of the upholstered plywood with the top surface of the deck. Beacause the bolt positions did not match the slot positions, new holes were drilled during assembly.

The original upholstered plywood side panels are 9 ft, 9 in. in length. As a result of my redesign (including solidly fastening the seat back to the deck), the revised side panels will be much shorter, and might not extend forward of the front seat back. I'm also thinking of making new side panels narrower (and thinner?)


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