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1981 18' Century Resorter

Paint the hull

"It needs a little work, but what boat doesn't?
1981     1981

1981     1981

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(3/23/12) "Xxxxxx, Spoke with painter today, at his shop. Plan to have the hull painted from gunwales to waterline. If the weather cooperates, we'll paint about March 28 with urethane paint.
"He (painter, Bill) says he'll protect the trailer and parts of boat that aren't to be painted. I'll strip the metal trim from gunwale, remove much of upholstered stuff, etc. I'll also launch it briefly soon, marking actual water line before I deliver it to him."

On March 24 I took the boat to the Meramec River, near Fenton, Missouri and floated it to see just where the real "waterline" is positioned. I wrote this to a friend soon after: "Xxxxxx, Launched at George Winter Park on the Meramec. (Yuk!) Took many photos, similar to this one (next three below). I have the boat marked with masking tape, so I can scale measurements from the tape marks to the places on the boat where the waterline will be established. In the photo, the seats, motorbox, metal trim on gunwales, upholstered rails etc., have been removed. And, there is no fuel aboard. After studying photos of many other boats, I'm comfortable with establishing the line where it will look good. We are going to paint from gunwales down to the line I establish, then cover that line with contrasting vinyl tape. (That's what's on there now, and that's what was on my previous boat.) The bottom will have to wait.

"The more I look at it, the more I'm thinking of waiting a year, then pulling the engine and flipping the hull. We'll see how things go this summer. BTW, I've decided to go with that GPS speedo. It's expensive, but the tube jobs aren't all that reliable and in prepping for paint, I removed all the tube stuff and epoxied the thru-hull fitting hole and all the screw holes."

I've been thinking all along of painting the boat so its colors are like older "woodies," and I'm still thinking along those lines. I've rebuilt much of the boat's interior and upholstered the entire thing in a vinyl that reminds me of old leather.

The Century guys on facebook prefer the old blue color (but I'm the one with the check book):

Can you guess which of these cars I built? (Go ahead -- click on it.)

The boat was delivered to the painter today, Monday, 4/9/12. Forecast is cool and clear until Friday. The color will be a mahogany brown (using Dupont urethane) from gunnels to (new) waterline.
4/12/12 -- Spoke with Bill by phone today. "It's been cleaned up, filled, sanded and primed. The waterline tape came off in six inch pieces. Will shoot today or tomorrow. Will phone you when it's been painted, so you can come take a look. Expecting no rain 'til the weekend. You can pick it up on Monday."

4/13/12 Speaking of paint, a friend emailed today: "I finally got all of those gel coat cracks, holes, and gouges filled (on my 1960 13' Whaler, then finished with brushed awl grip.)" This makes me think it (i.e., ) will be a good solution on the Resorter.



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