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1981 18' Century Resorter

The Interior -- Page 3


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1/13/12 -- Today I finished painting the side rail backing boards. (The ones with the SS bolts held in place with epoxy and 'glass cloth.)

Also put a hand hold hole in the back of the new front seat's seat back. It will need another, cause I wasn't paying attention and put the hand hole low; should have been high. (I made the new hole 1/14/12. See later.)

Will visit upholsterer tomorrow, Saturday, and try to pick out carpet material and vinyl for seats, etc.

Next photo shows forward side rail cut to size for upholstery, and location of new seat back (unsupported properly.)
Second next shot shows front seat back and fwd. seat's seat ready for foam and vinyl.
Third next shows color of Souper's vinyl. Boat's will be similar.

Next photo is of aft side of front seat back. See that void in the floor, resulting from the elimination of the 1x4s that supported the seat back in original design? The new seat base will be shorter (fwd/aft), so that "indent" in the floor will be filled, making carpeted floor flat. (And the new engine box will be 3-1/2 inch "longer" (fwd/aft) also.)

Above: That void will have to be filled with (nominal) 1/2 inch plywood, to level the floor for new carpet.

Removed the MerCruiser throttle/shifter. Its mounting panel will be made smaller with a sturdy mounting.



Look at this! There is now no doubt that the boat was reupholstered after leaving Century. When I opened up the throttle panel, there was some of the upholstery that no doubt was installed during manufacture.




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