Grant MacLaren's
1981 18' Century Resorter

This boat was sold late summer, 2013.
(and replaced with this one)

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"It needed a little work, but what boat doesn't?"



Click here for photos of May 12, 2012
Shakedown Cruise

Click here for photos & video of the October 24, 2012
Carlyle Lake Cruise

Click here for photos ACBS Meet, 2012
Table Rock Lake

Click here for photos Tavares ACBS Meet, 2013
"The Mt. Dora Show"

Click here for
A Cruise to Grafton, 5/18/13

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Purchase (2011)
History of Century

Paint, reposition waterline?
It's been painted.
"The Brute"
Deck, windshield, etc.
Motorbox, 4 pages
Tow Eye
Swim Platform
Exhaust Flaps Controls & Instrument Panel
New? Instrument Panel
An Audio Amplifier Compare with another boat
Sea Water Supply and Oil Extractor
Sea Water Pump, page 1
Sea Water Pump, page 2
Too Long? Bolts
Meanwhile running in driveway (youtube) Trailer
Mirror - only photos
The Cover
Styling of "the era"
By ""
A 1973 Resorter
Costs in 1965
1955 review of a Coronado
Rehabbing a '70 Resorter
1973 Resorter Problem Solved
Why not automotive?
Eat your Grape-Nuts!
Cheapskate water ski boom
Lake Center Marina
Photos of many others . . .


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