Grant MacLaren's
1981 18' Century Resorter


The carburetor is made by Weber and carries an Edelbrock emblem.



The carburetor on a car and on a boat may look the same but internally they are not. If the float sticks in the bowl and fuel flows out the vent on a car it goes out of the carburetor. On a marine carburetor it goes down the throat. Marine carburetors are not allowed to spill any fuel into the boat. Plus that, marine carburetors have different jets and setup because of the different duty cycle. They need to be tuned to run most efficiently at three quarters throttle, usually about 4500 rpm (the rpm varies depending on the engine).

Carburetors also have to be fitted with a flame arrestor. The flame arrestor stops any flame from a backfire from exiting the air intake and igniting any fumes in the engine compartment. There are flame arrestors available that both prevent back fires from igniting fumes, but also act as a filter. But most only act as a flame arrestor (also called a backfire flame arrestor).


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