Winterizing Anderson's 1973 16 ft. Century Resorter
(posted September, 2011)


CLICK HERE FOR A SCHEMATIC (.pdf file, apx. 8.4 MB)
CLICK HERE FOR A SCHEMATIC (.jpg file, apx. 1 MB)
CLICK HERE FOR 40 page 1973 MerCruiser Manual
  • Remove seats and engine hatch.
  • Lower boat so cooling water pickup is in water.
  • Start and run engine until oil is warm.
  • Pump oil out of engine. (Use Jerry's battery powered pump and oil container or my manual extractor.)
  • Remove/replace oil filter (Fram # PH-8A or Mercury Part # B-60565 or =.)
  • Fill with high quality SAE 30W motor oil. Check level with dip stick.
  • Start and run engine; observe oil pressure and no leaks at filter. Check level again with dip stick.
  • Drain engine block via two petcocks, one per each side of block. (port aft, starboard fore)
  • Drain manifolds via four brass plugs, two per each manifold.
  • Drain oil cooler's water jacket per one brass plug at aft end of cooler, low on starboard side.
  • Remove hull drain plug -- starboard side of keel, beneath helm. Access with front seat removed, forward of seat, under floorboard.
  • Tilt boat fore and aft using hoists -- until bilge is almost dry and exhaust pipes are empty.
  • Close block petcocks.
  • Replace five brass plugs, using Teflon tape on threads. (Threads are worn and block will rust.)
  • Disconnect "+" battery wire.
  • Replace hull drain, front and rear seats, and engine hatch.
  • Lift boat high, install two cross timbers, one keel timber and chock to level boat.
  • Install cover and adjust hoists (only to keep boat level.)
  • Grease distributor cam once per year.
    Oil pump, Filter wrench, 7/16" wrench for brass plugs, Plyers for petcocks and battery connections.




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