1977 Correct Craft American Skier

MacSkier too?
Hull # CTC00511M77D

Rear seat --
2/2/15 Question asked on CCFan about rear seats in '72 Skier and/or '77 American Skier:
Were seats installed by CC factory when these two boats were manufactured? If so, can someone point me to photos of original seats? Looks like the rear seats in my two boats were "home-made," and I'd just as soon not have them as they are. Suggestions?

Response from 8122pbrainard: If the boats came with the factory seats, they would have been a thick foam pad for the bottom about 8" thick and about a 2" thick pad for the back.

My reply: Thanks! (Note to self -- So it seems the aft seats in my '77 AS may be original, although probably re-upholstered.)

Then, Posted By: TRBenj
Early 70's Skiers didn't have bottom cushions that were quite as thick. They also tapered ever so slightly front to rear. Otherwise very similar to the mid-late 70's seats pictured in your link. (I had linked to the next image below.)