1977 Correct Craft American Skier

MacSkier Too?
Hull # CTC00511M77D
Power - Ford 302 (by Pleasurecraft Marine, Model PRC WR R10)

Ordered new MO license numbers from Do It Yourself Signs 1/9/15.

Here's a screenshot:

The IL license numbers when boat purchased 1/3/15 by MacLaren:

Notice the WS 3591 LB stained in the gelcoat? Interesting that the IL numbers were painted on the hull, using a stencil to match the graphics.

The Correct Craft hull number is Hull # CTC00511M77D

Engine model number is PRC WR R10

Engine serial number is 153467

Firing order is 1 8 4 5 6 2 7 3

The IL number was removed (1/20/15) with acetone, 1000 grit sanding and buffing. The 1000 grit wet or dry worked best.

1/21/15 -- Found that 1000 grit wet sanding worked the best. (A bit of detergent in the water keeps the grit clear of paint.) Next, we'll do some buffing.