"Sea Water"
1977 Correct Craft American Skier

MacSkier Too?
Hull # CTC00511M77D
Power - Ford 302 (by Pleasurecraft Marine, Model PRC WR R10)

First, I'll point out a drain plug on the aft side of the starboard exhaust manifold. It's a pipe plug with a 1/2" square recess that can be turned with a socket wrench driver to remove or replace the plug. (I didn't notice the plug at first -- looking for a petcock as I've seen other boats I've owned or worked on.) Because the engine was winterized on Jan. 3, I did not remove the plug today (2/1/15). I did move it a bit, just to to be sure it was not rusted in place. Then found my wrenches were too "thick" at their heads, so use a "ratchet" 9/16" box to turn a short piece of 1/2" tube. See pics.

Click an image to see a larger image.

"Sea water" flow -- the cooling water is picked up via a thru-hull fitting aft of port transmission mount. See red arrow:

The water is pumped ("sucked") forward from the pickup, under the transmission, then up and over the transmission (from starboard to port), then down to the transmission cooler.

Blue arrows point to water hoses. Upper red arrow points to manifold drain plug. Longer red arrow points to transmission cooler. The cooler has a drain plug on the inboard side of the cooler. Also -- below, and a bit to the left of the shorter red arrow, can you see the head of a 9/16" pipe plug filling one of the 2 drain holes in the block? This plug (and its mate on the other side of the block) was removed 1/30/15. The "winterizing" coolant was captured in a pail and its "freezing" point measured with a hydrometer. It was found to be "good" only to about zero F.

The water is pumped forward on the port side (along/near the port stringer) then across the boat to the "sea water pump" which is not in the photo. See it here.

The water is pumped up and into the thermostat housing. Blue arrow points to "in" side of thermostat housing.