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1972 Correct Craft Skier


The engine in MacSkier (a 1972 Correct Craft Skier) is a '302' Ford block marinized by Crusader (Parent company Thermo Electron Marine Engines -- Thermo Electron sold its Crusader line to Pleasurecraft.)

I read the engine number as D4DE - 6015 - AA but information on the www implies the block was cast in 1974. ("D" = 1970's, "4" = 1974, "D" = Falcon, "E" = Engine, etc.)

The boat is a 1972 Correct Craft Skier according to its title, and the engine is a Ford 302 CID, "220" horsepower.

The V8 Ford 'Windsor' motor family is considered by Ford enthusiasts to be one of the most successful engines produced by the Ford Motor Company. It's commonly referred to as the "Small Block Ford" by many, and by Ford itself.

Introduced in 1962, the Ford Windsor design succeeded the Ford Y-block engine family.

The Windsor family evolved significantly during its 40-year history through technology, performance, and reliability enhancements. Engine displacement also increased from 221 cu up to 351 cu in.

Engines and their components naturally vary between models and displacements. Older motors can frequently be retrofitted with replacement or upgraded parts. Many aftermarket parts exist to fit a wide range of Windsor models.

These motors were originally produced at Ford's Windsor, Ontario engine plant, hence the 'Windsor' designation.

From 1969 though, all Ford small blocks (i.e., Windsors) were produced in Cleveland, Ohio. The mid-sized 335 "Cleveland" V8, introduced in 1970, was intended to replace the larger of the Windsor models. The Windsor, however, ended up outliving its replacement.

In 1996, Ford replaced the 5.0 L (302 cu in) pushrod Windsor V8 with the Modular 4.6 L in the Mustang. Its use continued until 1997 in the F-150 pickup truck, and until 2001 in the Explorer SUV.

From the mid-1970s (SIC) through the 1990s, the Windsor engine was also marinized for use in smaller recreational boats. As of 2008, Windsor engines, including the 5.8 L (351 cu in) and 5.0L 302, are still being manufactured; available as complete crate motors from Ford Racing and Performance Parts.

Some of the following was clipped from the PCM (NOT 'Crusader') engine manual for the PCM "302/4" engine.

Model351/4302/2, 302/4
Stroke 3.50"3.00"
Displacement351 cubic inches302 cubic inches
Horsepower240@4400 RPM175@4400 302 2/V
220@4400 302 4/V
Intermittent Service44004400
Continuous Cruise36003600
NOTE: Do not cruise at high limits of above range unless propped to turn at or near maximum RPM's at full throttle.
Idle Speed, in forward gear600 RPM600 RPM
Timing10 degrees BTC @ 600 RPM 10 degrees BTC @ 600 RPM or lower
Breaker Point Gap.018".018"
Breaker Point Dwell24 to 29 degrees24 to 29 degrees
Spark Plug Gap.035.035
Spark Plug Type*
*These numbers have been corrected (by manual publisher) when copied from original document.
Motorcraft BTF3M or
Autolite 124 or
Champion F10. 18MM
Motorcraft ARF32M or
Autolite 24 or
Champion RBL11Y. 14MM
Motorcraft BTF3M or
Autolite 124 or
Champion F10. 18MM
Motorcraft ARF32M or
Autolite 24 or
Champion RBL11Y. 14MM
Firing OrderSee engine identification tag*See engine identification tag*
Recommended FuelRegular grade, leaded 93 octane minimum (Research method)Regular grade, leaded 93 octane minimum (Research method)
NOTE: Low lead fuel of proper octane rating may be used intermittently. Unleaded fuel should not be used.
Recommended Oil -- See Engine Lubrication Section for further information.
Engine10W30 or 10W40 premium grade10W30 or 10W40 premium grade
Warner Drives and Vee DrivesAutomotive Transmission Fluid (ATF), Type A, Suffix A. DexronAutomotive Transmission Fluid (ATF), Type A, Suffix A. Dexron
Carburetor Holley 4 bbl 175 - 2 bbl Holley
220 - 4 bbl Holley
Fuel PumpMarine approved, double diaphragm, with safety sight tube Marine approved, double diaphragm, with safety sight tube
Electrical System 12 Volt, Negative ground 12 Volt, Negative ground
WARNING: DO NOT reverse battery cables on battery terminals. DO NOT spark battery cables against terminals to check polarity. Damage to charging system components may result if these precautions are not observed.
Alternator Marine approved, 35 AMP. Marine approved, 35 AMP.
Regulator Sealed solid state transistorized Sealed solid state transistorized
Battery Recommended Marine type of 70 AMP. hr. minimum Marine type of 70 AMP. hr. minimum
Oil Capacity 4 quarts and 1 for filter 4 quarts and 1 for filter
Firing Order shown in PCM Manual is for both LH and RH rotation engines. For firing order of engine in Grant's 1972 Skier (18456273), see this web page.

"Ford Blue" engine paint by Rust Oleum, sold by Grainger.
"Tim" from CCF says:
Other than the manifolds (which should be blue to match the rest of the engine), here is what the '71-72 Conquerer-Crusader 302's look like:
Here are two photos of engine in Grant's '72 Skier:

Engine Page 1
Engine Page 3
Engine Page 4
Engine Page 5
Engine Page 6
Engine Page 7
Engine Page 8
Engine Page 9
Engine ID


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