51 Fairview Lane, Lake Springfield, IL 62711 Posted 10/1/17, revised 10/24/17, revised 11/11/17.
After looking at a lot of property on Lauderdale Lakes and Madison WI Lakes, we decided to take a look at Lake Springfield IL -- and decided on a small house there. It's not a MacLaren house . . . lots of steps up and down. A big plus is the 2-1/2 car insulated garage where the boats will go after closing. We hope to use it "as is" next (2018) spring/summer and then decide if we want to build a new cottage to replace what's there. The setting is great for swimming, skiing and hanging out. Also, it's just 2 hours from Byrnes Mill. We are pretty excited to finally have a lake home!

From Grant:
Lake Springfield is a 6.656 square mile (4,260 acre) lake, south of Springfield, Illinois.
Formed in 1935, it has over 50 miles of shoreline with lots of common ground. (For those who have asked -- Geneva Lake = 8.439 sq. mi.) Wikipedia Info.
We are on the north side of the lake, west of I-55, facing west. 3 BR, 2 baths. Updated kitchen & baths.
Pier, boat lift, city water & sewer. We closeed October 20, and have since decided "it's a tear-down."

PS -- I have raced sailboats (Y Flyers, Sunfish) and iceboats (DNs) on this lake in the past.
The lift has been repaired, and pool table removed, etc.
We "closed" on Oct. 20, 2017.
We've decided it's a "tear-down."

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