3103 mid-May update

The grass is growing. "Seed and straw" has been applied to the back and sides of the house, but only what you see here will be mowed.

We enjoy the antics of many birds, including pileated woodpeckers. The one shown is not my photo.

A small portion of the 3-bay insulated garage has become a potting shed.

This cloud greated Grant at the beginning of his morning walk, May 18, 2007. Look carefully at the far treeline (above the cloud) and you'll see the water tower serving the community of Hoene Springs, Missouri. Atop their water tower is a microwave link to the Internet; that's how we connect to the 'net. (The connection has been rock-solid since Grant discovered and fixed a wiring error between his computer, the Netgear Wireless Router and our microwave radio. So much for "networking experts.")


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