Here's the heart of our HVAC system.
R = "Cold" air return
F = Geothermal furnace
S = Conditioned air supply
RP = Hot water radiant heat pump
M = Radiant heat manifold (red pex tubing = 2 hot water circuits in Studio floor)
E = Expansion tank for radiant heat
GP = Geothermal pump -- Large black insulated pipes (GT) supply and return liquid to three closed circuit "wells," each apx 125 ft in depth, in front yard of house.
PW = Potable hot water
RW = Hot water for radiant heated floor in Studio

Below -- 11/17/06 - Grant mounted the Piet prop in his office.

Below -- 11/18/06 - Grant cleaned out the garage and moved the first trailer load of his shop stuff into it. He moved the range into the house.

Below -- 11/18/06 - The railings really change the look of the house. Makes it look warmer and more inviting, adding a good feeling of transition from "outside" to "inside."