July 31, 2006 -- Tom, Ronnie, Terry and Grant met at site. Very hot today.
  • Tom's guys laid underfloor insulation and perimeter thermal break -- and 2 circuits of pex tube in downstairs Studio and Bath floor, then filled tubes with water to keep them submerged in concrete during pour. Determined manifold location.
  • Tom installed tube where thermostat bulb will reside in slab. (T'stat will sample both air and slab temperatures.)
  • Grant and Tom dicussed how hot water generated by geothermal system might be used to heat radiant heat system in future.
  • Tom laid out and marked forced air supply locations.
  • Tom laid out cold air returns per Grant's wishes.
  • Grant supplied Tom with stove hood drawings and Tom (with Ronnie's help) determined very good routing of "7 inch" duct for 400 cfm range hood, damper, etc.
  • Flatwork guys are very busy and may not pour until next week.
  • Ronnie told Grant that electrician will soon want to meet with Grant about switch and fixture locations, etc.

01_ronnie,terry,tom 02_loop_1 03_loop_1 04_loop_1 05_miedwest_guys
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06_manifold_loc 07_loops _1&2 08_loops _1&2 09_cold_air_ret  
06_manifold_loc.jpg 07_loops _1&2.jpg 08_loops _1&2.jpg 09_cold_air_ret.jpg