Saturday, July 29
  • Grant at 5 Edgewater Island
  • Another creation
  • We used Grant's trailer to return "Pes" (the start-up car) and move Souper to Terry's garage.
  • Extra bricks which I'll move to garage after floor is poured
  • Porch & garage ready to pour
  • Bottoms of master shower and guest tub will not need to be shimmed.
  • Bad photos 'cause Grant had Terry's camera set improperly, but 6 inch wire has been installed in Studio and its Bath -- ready for Midwest HVAC to insulate and install pex.
  • All joists have been strapped to double top plates -- nice!

01 02 02a_trailer 03 04_porch
01.jpg 02.jpg 02a_trailer.jpg 03.jpg 04_porch.jpg
05_garage 06.garage 07_master_shower 08_studio_wire 09_studio_wire
05_garage.jpg 06.garage.jpg 07_master_shower.jpg 08_studio_wire.jpg 09_studio_wire.jpg
10_studio_wire 11_garage 13_straps 14_tub  
10_studio_wire.jpg 11_garage.jpg 13_straps.jpg 14_tub.jpg